Delivery of turnkey PCBA

By using our available stock of components or purchased components
We Guarantee 1000 types of component immediately in stock.
Up to 2 200 type of components SMD & THT in our stock

First-class assembled PCB from a single source supplier

Why Zebra PCB?

Zebra PCB is your one-stop supplier of printed and assembled circuit boards. We bring your design ideas to life by taking your PCB blueprints and special components, printing your circuit board and assembling it for you in one step.

There is no need for you to source PCB printing, components, and PCB assembly at different suppliers. Zebra PCB does it all for you.

We check your blueprints, print your PCB, source standard components and assemble your PCB, all while maintaining top quality standards.

Products and services

Based on customers data we check and advice if their current design is feasible, in other words we verify (DFM) if their design is suitable for manufacturing processes.

We are proud to inform our customers that all our PCB and SMT processes are built in way to ensure high quality and high flexibility, we are able to mix a very high number of different orders with a different layout to ensure that your SMD are finished in fastest lead time. possible.

Your prototypes can be delivered in pieces or in panels to fit in your next assembly processes.

Conductor width:                standard 100 µm                                 special 75 µm

Conductor space:               standard 100 µm                                special 75 µm

Via annular rings min:       down to 75 µm

Drill:                                       0.8mm standard production

PCB size (mm):                    310 x 410 up to 590 mm x 1100 mm

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Due to our own device production, we have a large stock of passive and active components that can support your needs and we are able to support with purchasing activities to ensure other components deliveries.

In case that your device contains a specific component that is uniquely developed for your application, we can work together to make sure that your PCB is prototyped or produced as per your expectation and needs.

We supply standard components such as Capacitors, Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors,  Resistors, Diodes, Fuses, BGA, QFN, PLCC, Relays, Connectors and other.

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PCB assembly processes in our facilities have the capacity to cover all necessary operation of SMT, THT and certainly manual assembly of all type of passive, active, connectors and other special components.

Assy. :

  • We offer all assembly processes available SMT and manual THT assembly.
  • Automatic assembly with high speed and extreme precision for all SMD components


  • SMT passive components, diodes and transistors are electrically tested for their basic parameters to ensure the quality of final PCB.
  • AOI automatic optical inspection for all components to verify solder paste and correct component assembly and polarity
  • X-ray: for single and multilayer PCBs we can check the correct soldered joints, bonding of interconnection and interlayers in 5 axes with a magnification 6000x.


  • Passive components: our capacity to assemble components 0201 as standard and smallest as 01005.
  • BGA,QFN: we are able to assemble BGA of 0,25mm pitch with x-ray inspection
  • We can assemble parts with pitch of 0,25mm
  • Panel size: min 60mm x 60mm
  • Standard 360 x 410 + up to request we can go up to 410×500

Board shape:

  • We have the capacity to assemble all shapes of PCB that are needed in panels.

Solder types:

  • We offer both leader and lead free (RoHS) Compliant assembly solution

Data sheet on request.

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  • We analyse your design data and confirm feasibility
  • We manufacture needed PCBs and perform E tests for all boards
  • We purchase all needed components
  • We assemble all components on PCBs and perform AOI tests.
  • We pack your full assembled boards for pickup.

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Technical information

PCB design support

Design specification and parameters
We work with Gerber files for PCB build and pick and place files and, of course, a bill of materials list for component identification.

PCB Materials, please see our data sheets

Quality information

E-test, for circuit boards is performed after manufacturing processes by flying probe based on gerber data for short circuits and interruptions.

AOI test, with our automated optical inspection machine from the Marantz company and model FDA; we have 9 cameras that can detect any kind of soldering errors, misplacement of components of SMT and THT processes.

X-ray: for single and multilayer PCBs we can check the correct soldered joints, bonding of interconnection and interlayers in 5 axes with a magnification 6000x.

For more information, please view our datasheets:


Please fill in the form to submit your order. Thank you. 

In case of PCB RFQ

  • Eagle brd file, Gerber data or OBD++ data
  • Stack-up layout for multilayer boards                           
  • NC drill data                                
  • PCB specifics, usually in PDF drawing, possible in excel (IPC class, surface, Material spec, temperature…etc)

In case of PCBA RFQ

  • PCB dada (see above)
  • Pick & place files (text or excel format)
  • Assembly drawing to see polarity and part orientation better view)
  • BOM (Bill of material) in excel with clear Manufacturer PN, manufacturer name, part exact and full description, designator and quantity per 1 board           

About Us

Thanks to the increased demand from our customers for more complex services and support for electronical business, we have launched a new company to expand the reach of our electronical production chain, delivering full support to our customers

Zebra PCB s.r.o. is owned by two Czech companies: Racom s.r.o. and Gatema pcb a.s.

Racom s.r.o. was founded in 1989, starting from a small local shop, it achieved great success exporting products to the entire globe with a portfolio of products that cover radio modems, GSM data transfer, and microwave links.


Gatema pcb a.s. was founded in 1992 and since May 1994 has served the market with single, double-sided printed circuits, and today the division of printed circuit boards (PCB) is the key division of the company providing solutions to 800 companies in fifteen European countries

Bring your design ideas to life

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